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Falling in love with you cover

  1. Río Roma - Mi Persona Favorita
    1. Where will you be
    2. ROSALIA - LIKE A G (Official Audio)
    3. Shakira - Me Enamoré (Behind the Scenes)

Río Roma - Mi Persona Favorita

Shortly after releasing her album, Ana started her career in Italy, proving that her voice was a perfect fit for the market in our neighboring country. It was there that she opened her eyes: "I realized that she was a very pop artist and I felt sensitive when I listened to that kind of songs, it touched my heart. It was what I identified with the most".

The best part of it all? That she herself has told us how all these songs came about, what stories they have behind them and at what time she wrote them. Ana Mena reveals all the details about her new album, song by song. This is Ana Mena's Bellodrama, explained by Ana Mena.

First things first, why has Ana Mena decided to call it Bellodrama? "I needed a word that would define the aftertaste you feel when you are suffering for love. I needed a word that could define that bitterness, but had that sweet touch. That's where Bellodrama came from," he says.

"It's my favorite song on the album. That's why it's the first one on the album. I spent months and months writing the lyrics. It was one night, when something happened to me that hurt me, that inspired me to write it. So it all came out in an hour. Plus, it comes with a very explicit video of the story."

Where will you be

Steve, there is not a lot of information about you, luckily I have been able to find a biography of you and you say you are a fairly well trained illustrator in Art, although you say the first drawing course they wouldn't let you do because you had a low standard?

At school there was no O Level you could get in Art, only CSE Grade 1. My teacher at the time said I should ignore that and always tell people I got an O Level because my standard was so high. By the way, the exam was titled "Dancers", so I painted a picture of a Bad Manners concert with dancers in the foreground. I never had time to finish it, but I still got a Grade 1 CSE!

You have worked for labels that came out at the time and took the risk of releasing the more unknown groups or bringing back Jamaican glories, how did they sign you? What relationship did you have with them? They were labels like Unicorn, Skank, Stacatto, LA records, Dojo, Link, Impact... is there one that you want to highlight?

ROSALIA - LIKE A G (Official Audio)

CC: That was the first time in my life that I felt like I became an adult, I tried on different hats to see which one fit me best, which one felt more like how I feel. A lot of it is because I want to connect with everything that I am; with my family and my culture. The colors in "Don't Go Yet" and this new album are vivid like our culture. All these new aspects come from me wanting to know who I am and who I want to be.

CC: I remember watching C. Tangana's Tiny Desk where there's a table with people around it, like a festive dinner, and I said to myself, "that's what I want in my life." At that time I was born to cook and invite people to my house, I started to be a more sociable person, because before I was very introverted. I wanted that stage of my life to be one of great friendships, of being close to the people with whom I am making the album. That was one reason for the name, and on the other hand, my blood family which is a big part of who I am.

CC: Lola was written while the San Isidro movement was happening in Cuba. I played it to my choreographers and they said it felt very sexy. The lyrics talk about a girl who is incredibly smart, talented and has a lot of potential, but she can't do anything with her talent because she lives in a country that censors her and doesn't give her opportunities. I contacted Yotuel, who was part of the song "Patria y vida", which pays homage to this movement where people protested in the streets of Cuba against the dictatorship that has existed for a long time. He wrote his part of the song and sent it to me, we talked about the reality of a beautiful country that they wanted to destroy.

Shakira - Me Enamoré (Behind the Scenes)

"Me enamoré" is a song performed by Colombian singer and songwriter Shakira, included in her ninth studio album, El Dorado (2017). It was released on April 7, 2017 as the second single from the album by Ace Entertainment and Sony Music Latin. The song was written by Shakira and Rayito, co-produced by Rude Boyz, Kevin ADG and A.C.[1][2][3][3][4][4][5]

Shakira teased in the hours leading up to the song's release by sending personalized postcards to some fans, where she appears climbing a tree. She states in them: "I am very happy to share with all of you my new single "me enamoré". This song narrates a moment in my life when I was so in love that I literally climbed trees."

The cover image was taken during the Sale el sol World Tour, it is inside the DVD booklet with the caption: "10/10 Santa Fe / The Sun Comes Out Tour". The photo is part of a set of images that show how Shakira lived the tour, the recording of the album Sale el sol, the recording of the videos Loca, Gitana, Waka Waka, the rehearsals for her presentation at Rock in Rio, visits to South Africa, to the schools of the Pies Descalzos foundation in Chocó and Barranquilla, and behind the scenes photos with the band Scorpions in Germany.

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