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Fashion summer 2023 girls

Nia: Her hair color is beige-like blonde, green eyes, tanned skin and is the carefree one of the group. She is of Mexican parents and met Kennedy in Miami. She is a DJ and likes to spend time with her friends.

Nolee: She has black hair, brown or violet eyes, has oriental features, and is the mystic within the Group. Currently this character was deleted for unknown reasons and was replaced in its entirety by Nia.

Barbie is blonde, blue-eyed, fair-skinned and was the leader and the cybernaut of the group, until 2006 when her name was changed and replaced by Kennedy, she is "cute but nervous". She is the best at planning parties and occasions for all her friends. She loves shopping with her best friends and chatting.

Hudson - He is American, one of the first guys to be released as a My Scene line, he is blond with turquoise eyes (sometimes green, gray or sky blue). He is generally paired with Chelsea. He is a drummer and prepares fast food at the restaurant with his friends.

Whatever your style, you will find the one that best suits you, because we offer a wide range of sweaters made with excellent quality fabrics; and above all very comfortable, with a very nice texture to fit perfectly to your body and enjoy the comfort you are looking for. Choose your men's sweater: turtleneck sweater, black sweater, basic sweater, plain sweater, white sweater...

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Summer 2023 kids

Our two most international actors, Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, were carried away with Óscar Martínez in this story by Duprat and Cohn, a parody on the world of the current industry and mainly its most visible face: the performers.

Jorge Coira's film, one of the action movies of this 2022, was in charge of opening Malaga. This thriller based on real events tells us about Juan, who works for the secret services; in order to gain access to the villa of a couple involved in arms trafficking, he approaches Wendy, the Filipino maid who lives in the house and establishes a relationship with her that will become increasingly complex. In parallel, Juan performs other "unofficial" jobs to protect the interests of the country's most powerful elites, who have now set their sights on Angel Gonzalez, a seemingly nondescript politician whose dirty laundry he must find or "invent". Luis Tosar led the cast of the story.

Vicente Villanueva presented one of the comedies that will hit theaters this 2022. In this case, this plot talks about how to get started in the world of swingers trying to get out as little damaged as possible. And that the exchange is made between friends... What is the result? Fernando Guallar, Eva Ugarte, Tamar Novas, María Castro, Miren Ibarguren among others star in the film.

Children's fashion magazines

In a recent publication, we were interested in how to choose your cut based on the morphology of your face. And well, it's not very complicated! Round, oblong, square, rectangular or oval - face put yourself in front of a mirror and pull your hair back. Forehead, chin, cheekbones length - here the four elements to consider that will allow you to determine your face shape and choose the right cup. If you want to know more about the morpho-hairstyle, we invite you to refer to this article.

A long face and a large forehead? Then you can opt for a cut with bangs or the bowl cut! Leave your hair in the middle and short on the sides - this way you can vary the hairstyles with bangs or without. The idea of the moprho hairstyle is not to hide your flaws, but to highlight your features we like the most.

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